The artist



Moritz Ney was born on 26th July 1947 in Pétange (L).

He leaves high school to enlist for voluntary military service. He then works for the Luxembourgish customs administration.

In 1967, his decision to become an artist leads him to the sculptor Aurelio Sabbatini in Esch/Alzette (L). It is in Sabbatini’s studio that Ney will gain his first sculpting experiences.

In 1968, he attends the “Staatliche Werkhochschule” in Trier (D) for one semester to take drawing and sculpture classes.

The same year, as this school closes its doors Moritz Ney joins the painter, sculptor and ceramic artist Albrecht Klauer-Simonis in Höhr-Grenzhausen (D). There he prepares an admission portfolio for  the “Akademie der Bildenden Künste” in  Karlsruhe (D).

From 1969 to 1972, Moritz Ney attends painting classes with professors Herbert Kitzel and Horst-Egon Kalinovski, as well as sculpture classes with professor Hans Kindermann.

From 1972 to 1980, Moritz Ney lives and works in Bruxelles-Ixelles. (B)

In 1980, Moritz Ney returns to Luxembourg, where he starts working as an independent artist.

Since 2019, Moritz Ney has been living and working in Luxembourg and Belgium.


Sculptures (wood, stone)

Mixed Media assemblages

Printings (woodcutting, metal, Plexiglas)

Silkscreen printings

Paintings on brown paper (acrylic, watercolours, gouaches)


Reverse film paintings (Hostaphanfilm)


Solo exhibitions in Luxembourg and abroad

1972  Galerie Glaub, Cologne (D)

1985  Centre Culturel Français (L)

1986  Galerie Sunnen, Bech-Kleinmacher (L)

1986  Café an der Schwemm, Pétange (L)

1987  Centre Culturel Français (L)

1987  Galerie Simoncini (L)

1988  Galerie Simoncini (L)

1989  Centre Culturel Français (L)

1990  Galerie Simoncini (L)

Solo exhibitions in Luxembourg and abroad

In the early 90es  Galerie Stadtbredimus (L)

1995  Banque Européenne d’Investissement (L)

1996  Indépendance, Banque Interntionale (L)

In the late 90es  Kjub Galerie-Restaurant (L)

2004  Galerie Schlassgoart, Esch/Alzette (L)

2012  Espace H2O, Differdange (L)

2013  Galerie Schlassgoart, Esch/Alzette (L)

2019  Cheers to Art, Centre Visit Remich (L)

Collective exhibitions in Luxembourg and abroad

1973  Neumarkt der Künste, Cologne (D)

1976  In his artist studio-apartment located in a former « staminee » in Brussels-Ixelles (B)

In the 1970th Kunsthaus Metternich, invited together with Albrecht Klauer-Simonis, Coblence (D)

1977  Cloître de l’Abbaye, Echternach (L)

1978  Casino de Knokke-Heist (B)

1979  Centre Marcel Noppeney, Oberkorn (L)

1984  Galerie Terre-Rouge, Esch/Alzette (L)

1984  « Sculptures et Objets » Villa Vauban, Luxembourg-City (L)

1985  Cagnes-sur-Mer (F)

Collective exhibitions in Luxembourg and abroad

1987  « Peinture et Parole » Centre Culturel Français (L)

1988  Biennial in Venice (I), together with Patricia Lippert

1990  Moscou (RU)

1995  Expositions in Nice and in St Avold (F)

1999  Galerie Tendance Mikado (L) together with Albrecht Klauer-Simonis

2013  Galerie Op der Kap, Capellen (L)

2016  Galerie MédiArt (L)

2018  Art2Cure banque BIL (L)

2019  Art2Cure banque BIL (L)

Artwork by Moritz Ney in the public space

In 1973, Ney creates the altar in the church of Pétange. It is made of Persian marble (travertin de Perse). The reddish stone recalls the iron ore mined in the south of Luxembourg.
Artwork by Moritz Ney in the public space

Since 1980, visitors can enjoy Nemesis, a sculpture made of painted metal, on the esplanade in Remich (L).

In 2020, Moritz Ney restores his artwork with the help of craftsmen working for the the City of Remich. Since then, a rejuvenated Nemesis has returned to the banks of the Moselle.